In an atmosphere of support, students learn to de-escalate or escape potentially violent situations through assertiveness, confrontation and self-defense techniques. Students will learn boundary assertion skills, physical defenses against grabs, bear hugs, pinned situations, and other types of assault. Class format includes discussions, physical training, and information about support services.

While self-defense is an intricate part of our martial arts program, we also offer several options for self-defense seminars.

Bojuka Seminars:


Four times per year, WSAMA hosts Bojuka Self-Defense seminars.

Bojuka is a realistic, street proven, modern self defense system. It is designed to provide ordinary men and women with solutions to avoid and/or end a violent encounter. Behaviorally realistic techniques are based on natural body movements and gross motor skills. It is a proven method of threat elimination through awareness, avoidance, or by physically defending oneself. This will allow you to perceive danger quicker and react properly. In many cases you will be able to escape dangerous situations without ever having to employ your physical skills. If forced to defend yourself, the focus is on the targeting of vital points of the body, by utilizing core techniques that will function in a variety of situations.

For more information about the Bojuka system of self-defense, please visit their website:

For information about attending one of the Bojuka seminars at our school, please watch our website for the next upcoming seminar.

Group Self-Defense Seminars:


These 3-hour seminars focus on the importance of awareness and avoidance as well as some basic strikes and escapes.  The focus of each seminar is designed especially to meet your group’s needs.  In the past, we have offered women-only, teen-only, and teens-entering college seminars, just to name a few.

Contact us for more information if you are interested in scheduling a seminar for your group.

Each participant (if not already a WSAMA student) must complete a safety waiver. Please print and bring along with you to your class.

Click here to print our Special Events Waiver.

Self Defense Class