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Kung Fu Nunchaku



We believe that our instructors are second to none! Each and every one of them is dedicated to sharing martial arts with our students in a supportive and encouraging way. They know that it takes time, effort, and consistency to learn a new skill. They are here to support you in your journey to mastery, fitness, and overall well-being.

  • Vincent Vergara, 7th Dan, owner and grandmaster instructor

  • Karis Hazam,  5th Dan, Adults & Children Class Instructor

  • Steve Pataky, 5th Dan, Adults Class Instructor

  • Luann Neifert, 4th Dan Adults Class Instructor

  • Joe Mizrahi, 4th Dan, Adults Class Instructor, Rock Steady Boxing coach

  • Diana Hamlin, 4th Dan, Children Class and Competition/Demo Teams Instructor

  • Allyson Halbach, 4th Dan, Adults & Children Class Instructor, Rock Steady Boxing certified coach

  • Adam Neifert, 4rd Dan, Adults & Children’s Class Instructor

  • Andy Loza, 3rd Dan, Adults Class Instructor

  • Jessica Vergara, 3rd Dan, Children Class Instructor, Competition/Demo Teams Instructor

  • Danny Aikens, 3rd Dan, Children Class Instructor

  • Ava Dagenhart, 2nd Dan, Children Class Instructor

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