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Acknowledging innovation makes Jung Sim Do a “live” art. Third generation Jung Sim Do instructor, Vincent Vergara, founded the U.S. Jung Sim Do Federation in 1995. This organization set forth the modern idea of maintaining Jung Sim Do’s strong traditions while evolving it’s philosophy and techniques to better serve today’s martial arts practitioners and their needs. The Federation is fortunate to have the support of two premiere pioneers of the art: Grandmaster Choi’s highest American student, Grandmaster Joe Fox, 8th Dan, chief instructor of the Harrisburg Institute of Tae Kwon Do, and Master Jack Holman, 4th Dan, chief instructor of Jung Sim Do Korean Karate in Hagerstown, MD.

The U.S. Jung Sim Do Federation’s purpose is to PRESERVE, DEVELOP and PROMOTE the art of Jung Sim Do. It adheres to these duties and responsibilities by providing continued instruction to its black belts in their martial arts development, and providing leadership and guidance to those black belt instructors who aspire to open their own dojangs (training halls). The Federation also maintains communication among its instructors to inform, discuss and resolve issues as they relate to the well-being of Jung Sim Do Martial Art and the Federation. Last, but not least, the Federation insures that all decisions are made in consideration of what is best for the students. This last point is not taken lightly since it’s students, both novice and experienced, are the foundation and future of Jung Sim Do.

U.S. Jung Sim Do Federation


  • Chambersburg Academy of Martial Arts

  • West Shore Academy of Martial Arts


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