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WSAMA’s Team Lion Force Competition Team is open to all students of all ages.  As a team, Team Lion Force competes at 4 local, annual tournaments.  However, team members are always encouraged to compete in as many competitions as possible, including NASKA tournaments.

At tournaments, students compete in 3 different skills:  empty-hand forms, weapons and sparring.  Awards are usually given to the top 3 competitors in each division.  Divisions are determined by age and belt rank.

Team Lion Force practices the first Tuesday of each month  (October through May) and every Tuesday (June through September).  At competition team practice, students are taught how to compete (manners and traditions) and are given advice on their presentations by experienced competitors.

There is no extra fee for being on the competition team, however, there are a few extra expenses:

  • competition gi top:  available through the office (some used tops are available for free)

  • competition gi pants:  competitors need to wear black gi pants

  • weapons: student may want to own their competition weapon

  • sparring gear: foam-dipped gear (head, hand, feet), mouth guard and protective cup

  • registration fee:  each tournament charges their own registration fee in order to compete

If you are interested in joining Team Lion Force Competition Team, simply talk to an instructor!

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