West Shore Academy of Martial Arts’ Team Lion Force has a competition team as well as a demonstration team.

Team Lion Force Competition Team:

Team Lion Force Competition Team competes in local and national tournaments.  For information about the Competition Team, please select from these links:

General information: including how to become a team member

Schedule: including links to upcoming competitions

Competition results

Photo Gallery


Team Lion Force Demonstration Team:

Team Lion Force Demonstration Team performs at local venues.  Our dynamic presentations constantly thrill our audiences.  The Lion Force Demonstration team demonstrates all of the different aspects of our martial art.  Team members tirelessly practice to perfect routines that showcase traditional forms, weapon skills, fight skits as well as tricking.

To request a demonstration, please contact us.

For more information about our demonstration team, please select from the following links:

How to become a team member

Photo Gallery  (link is under construction)