Students are required to wear a uniform to martial arts classes, including sparring.  No uniform is required for Cardio Kickboxing.

Martial Arts Gi:

  • Gi tops must have “West Shore Academy of Martial Arts” on the back, see the office for where to have the letters applied
  • Gi tops must have 3 patches.  Patches are available in the office for $12.00
    • the lion patch – located on the left front
    • the American flag – located on the right sleeve
    • the Korean flag – located on the left sleeve
  • A T-shirt may be worn under the gi top (optional)
    • T-shirt must be the same color as the gi top
    • No words or pictures on the T-shirt may show through the white gi top
  • No jewelry is permitted

School T-shirt:

  • Children are allowed to wear the school T-shirt instead of the gi top year-round
  • Adults may wear the school T-shirt instead of the gi top only between the June and September tests
  • When the T-shirt is worn, it must be tucked into the gi pants.

General Gi care:

  • Respect your gi!
  • Gi’s should always be laundered and ironed
  • Gi’s should always be folded in the traditional manner


  • Respect your belt!  You worked hard to earn it!
  • NEVER wash your belt.
  • If your belt comes off during class, carefully fold it and place it to the side – NEVER throw your belt!
  • Belts must always be tied correctly!  To learn to tie your belt correctly or ask a black belt.