Children’s Testing Procedures


Printable advancement form:  CHILDRENS-PROMOTION-FORM


Colored Belt Testing Procedures:

Tests for belt advancement are held 4 times a year in the following months:  February, May, August, November.  Tests are usually the first week of the month, but check with the school for the exact dates.

Everyone is welcome to observe the colored belt tests.  Out of respect for those testing, we request that spectators silence their cell phones and refrain from talking.  After the test, you are welcome to take a group picture, however we ask that you remove your shoes before walking on the mats.

Children are allowed to test for their next rank if they have met all of the requirements for that rank and if they have received the permission of their instructor.  To see the requirements for each rank, please click here.

Follow these steps to participate in a colored belt test:

  • Sign-up sheets will be hung on the office window.
    • Sign up for a beginner’s test if you are testing for a white belt, blue belt or purple belt rank (stripes included)
    • Sign up for an intermediate test if you are testing for an orange or yellow belt rank (stripes included)
    • Sign up for an advanced test if you are testing for a green or red belt rank (stripes included)
  • Complete the application for advancement form and return it to the office along with payment at least 1 week prior to the test.  If you are unsure of the rank for which you are testing, please check with an instructor.
    • Promotion Testing Fee:
      • white to green belt:  $20 per rank
      • green stripe to red stripe: $40 per rank
    • Advancement forms are available in the office OR
  • Attend the test.  Please remember the following:
    • Wear a complete and laundered gi.  This includes a gi top with patches and lettering.
    • Arrive on time

Black Belt Testing Procedures:

When Master Vergara believes that you are ready to test for your junior black belt, he will invite you to test.  It is inappropriate to ask to test for black belt.  Junior Black Belt tests are scheduled at the convenience of the families of the testers.

Students testing for junior blackbelt must complete an application for advancement, provide payment, and submit a Black Belt Paper.  If you are preparing for your test, please ask for details about this paper.

Promotion Testing Fee:

1st Dan Jr. Black Belt:  $150

2nd Dan Jr. Black Belt:  $0