The safety of all of our students is extremely important.

These guidelines should always be followed:


  • Contagious?  Please stay home.
  • Uniform – always laundered
  • Fingernails and toenails always trimmed
  • Absolutely NO jewelry (including wedding rings)
    • exception:  if you just had your ears pierced and are unable to remove your earrings
  • NO shoes on the mats (applies to students as well as spectators)


  • Injured? inform your instructor before class begins
  • Always communicate with your partner during partner techniques
  • Never perform a throw without first making sure the landing area is clear


  • All students must read and sign the sparring rules document and return it to Master Vergara before your first sparring session
  • Equipment:  always wear the proper safety equipment
  • Communicate with your partner about sparring intensity