Korean words and phrases

Important words:

Jung Sim Do:   Straight Mind Way

Hap Ki Do:  Way of Coordinated Power

Judo:  Gentle Way

Pal Gwe:  Universal Law or Command

Pyung Ahn:  Peaceful Mind

Kum Do:  Way of the Sword

Kwanjangnim: Head instructor

Sabumnim:  Teacher

Dojang: School

Gi: uniform

Basic Commands:

Cha-ryot:  Attention Stance

Joonbi:  Ready Position

Kyong-ye:  Bow

Ba-lo: Finish

Gong-kyak:  Attack Stance (left leg forward side stance)

Bong-ah:  Defense Stance (right leg forward side stance)

Ki-hop:  Yell

Ke-ma-say:  Horse Stance

She-jak:  Begin

Dorra:  Turning

Dosh: Return to Previous Position

Counting 1 – 10:  There are two systems of counting in Korea.  One is derived from Chinese characters and the other is native Korean.  The Korean system is used to count during class:

Hana:  one

Dul:  two

Set:  three

Net:  four

Daseot:  five

Yeoseot:  six

Ilgop:  seven

Yeodeol:  eight

Ahop:  nine

Yeol:  ten

The counting system derived from Chinese characters is used to number our Pal Gwe forms.  We only have 8 forms that use this counting system, however, the numbers 1 thru 10 are shown:

il:  one

i:  two

Sam: three

Sa:  four

O:  five

Yuk: six

Chil: seven

Pal: eight

Gu: nine

Ship: ten