Registration and Assessment

Are you ready to get started?  Follow these simple steps:

  1. Come and watch a class!
    • Come during class time and watch what RSB is all about
    • Although we will be too busy to talk during class, we can answer questions after class is over
  2. Contact us to schedule an assessment
    • You cannot participate until you have been assessed
    • Call Tammy at 717-648-9329 or email her at to schedule your assessment
  3. Fill out the forms
    • You will need to fill out 3 forms (Boxer information, Waiver/release, Doctor’s form)
    • There are 3 ways to get a set of forms:
      • Pick up a set of forms when you come and watch a class
      • Print the forms on
      • Contact Tammy to have the forms emailed to you (717-648-9329 or email her at
  4. Attend your first class (first one is free!)
    • When you have been assessed, and you have all of your completed forms, come to your first class.
    • What to wear?  Wear comfortable clothes.  We do not allow street shoes on our mats.  Most of us exercise barefoot.  However, if you prefer to wear sneakers, you need to have a pair that are worn ONLY in the school.  Some of our boxers wear shoes into the school and change into their dedicated RSB shoes.
    • Boxing equipment: You will need to have hand wraps and boxing gloves.  When you pay for your first month, you will receive a free pair of hand wraps.  We have boxing gloves that can be borrowed for the first few classes.  However, for sanitary reasons, you will need to purchase a pair of your own.  They can be purchased online or at a sporting goods store.  We also have a few pairs that you can purchase from us at cost.
  5. Start fighting back against Parkinson’s!