Registration and Assessment

Are you ready to get started?  Follow these simple steps:

  1. Come and watch a class!
    • Come during class time and watch what RSB is all about
    • Although we will be too busy to talk during class, we can answer questions after class is over
  2. Fill out the forms
    • You will need to fill out 3 forms (Boxer information, Waiver/release, Doctor’s form)
    • There are 4 ways to get a set of forms:
      • Pick up a set of forms when you come and watch a class
      • Print the forms on
      • Call 717-580-2635
      • email us at
  3. Contact us to schedule an assessment
    • You cannot participate until you have been assessed
    • Call 717-580-2635 or email to schedule your assessment
  4. Attend your first class (first one is free!)
    • When you have been assessed, and you have all of your completed forms, come to your first class.
    • What to wear?  Wear comfortable clothes.  We do not allow street shoes on our mats.  Most of us exercise barefoot.  However, if you need to wear sneakers, you must have a pair that are worn ONLY in the school.  Some of our boxers wear shoes into the school and change into their dedicated RSB shoes before class begins.
    • Boxing equipment: You will need to have hand wraps and boxing gloves.  When you pay for your first month, you will receive a free pair of hand wraps.  We have boxing gloves that can be borrowed for the first few classes.  However, for sanitary reasons, you will need to purchase a pair of your own.  They can be purchased online or at a sporting goods store.  We also have a few pairs that you can purchase from us at cost.
  5. Start fighting back against Parkinson’s!