Rock Steady Boxing

Fighting back against Parkinson’s!   We are Rock Steady!

Starting October 1, 2018, West Shore Academy of Martial Arts (WSAMA) is proud to offer Rock Steady Boxing (RSB) for people with Parkinson’s disease.

Classes will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1:00 – 2:15.

We offer 3 different payment options:

$60/month:  unlimited Rock Steady Boxing classes

$80/month:  Full WSAMA membership (martial arts, cardio kickboxing, RSB)

$10/class: one RSB class

Registration (including waiver and doctor’s release) is required.  Please call Tammy at 717-648-9329 or email her at to get started.


Why boxing???

Published medical research has shown that forced, intense exercise can reduce, reverse and delay Parkinson’s symptoms, and (according to a study done by ESPN) boxing is one of the most physically demanding styles of training.  Parkinson’s causes a loss in many of the same elements that boxers condition to improve: agility, speed, muscular endurance, accuracy, balance, hand-eye coordination, footwork and overall strength.  In addition, boxing is a great stress reliever, confidence booster and, above all, is great fun!

Is Rock Steady for you???

If you have Parkinson’s and have a desire to fight back, than Rock Steady is for you!  The Rock Steady curriculum is specifically designed to target the movements and muscles affected by Parkinson’s.

Absolutely no boxing experience is necessary.  Classes are for all fitness levels.

To register or receive more information…

For more information about Rock Steady Boxing, check out their website:

To register for Rock Steady at WSAMA, or for questions about WSAMA, call Lisa at 717-697-4138 or email her at